TÓPICO A:  Él empoderamiento de los jóvenes con el fin de brindar apoyo al estado en la elaboración de estrategias para prevenir el extremismo violento. 

TÓPICO B: Establecimiento de políticas científicas para fortalecer la presencia internacional de los países en los campos de ciencia y tecnología.


TÓPICO A: Sexual allegations on peacekeeping missions against children. 

TÓPICO B: food security issues that affect children on Venezuela.


TÓPICO A:  Measures to avoid the automatic detention of migrants illegally entering the territory of the State party and to prevent collective and violent expulsions.

TÓPICO B:  Implementation of concrete measures to ensure just and favorable working conditions for indigenous peoples, particularly in rural areas and in single-crop farming.


TÓPICO A: Universal Health Coverage: Leaving No One Behind

TÓPICO B: Creation of measures and policies that guarantee all children and adolescents the obtaining of means and opportunities that allow them to develop to their full potential.


TÓPICO A: The opioid crisis in Middle East countries. 

TÓPICO B: Illicit Trafficking and Misuse of Firearms in the United States as a Threat to Global Security


TÓPCIO A:  The creation of measures to repair and protect children against enforced disappearances.


TÓPICÓ A: Safeguarding the rights of children in the criminal justice system


TÓPCIO A: crisis: the implementation of a new government system as soon as possible in order to avoid  a national war


TÓPICO A: The eradication of forced child labor in Latin America. 

TÓPICO B: A call to action to end modern slavery and human trafficking in Arabic countries.


ALEXMUN Irapuato 

29, 30 y 31 de Enero 2020
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